In DTG there are people called teachers who teaches us about Digital Technologies. These talented and special teachers specialize in computer sciences and helps us students to reach our true potential in Digital Technologies. The two teachers that run Digital Technologies is the Head of Department of DTG, Mr Glasse, and his trusty sidekick, Mrs Caudy.

Mr Mark Glasse

This is Mark Glasse. He is a caucasian white male that teaches Digital Technologies to the students of Sancta Maria College. He is the Head of' Department of Digital Technologies here at Sancta Maria College. Also don't let his unfatomably handsome face confised woth George Clooney.

This teacher is known for his sarcastic jokes which are always so funny, his excellent teaching skills and his sharp eye that can spot a student in need. Students recognize him of his quite and serious personality. But don't let his anger hide the fact that he will peobably be the best teacher to. He will help and guide student to achieve their best in Digital Technologies. Many students consider him too cool for school like his favourite student George Haddad.

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Mrs. Caudy

This is Joanne Gaudy. She is a Welsh Digital Technolgies teacher. You might notice her hard Welsh accent. She has bright blond hair and pale skin. You might see her in Soft Technologies.

I am not that photogenic

- Mrs. Caudy 2015

She is a kind and caring teacher who looks look out for her students, but can be firm if she has to be. Many students say that she is open-minded and easily approachable so when you have a problem you can easily ask her you problems.

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